Friday, November 6, 2009

Well, Neither can I.....Things we didn't know.

Modias, a blogger from the Deap Sauth, has an interesting take on Our Lady of Gaga that I'd like to shore:

Why I (can't) Hate Lady Gaga


When I began this post last night, I wanted to hate Lady Gaga. I began my research and, it must be said, I am embarrassed to have initially set out to compare this amazing musician to everyone and everything that is wrong with the music industry today. I wanted to be able to come to you with a proven accusation that Gaga was simply the face for someone else’s music, but I cannot. The truth is that, not only does she write all of her own music, she was a well-known songwriter for other artists prior to beginning her own recording career. I wanted to be able to tell you that she was a flakey fashionista, showcasing the designs of a major player in the industry, but I cannot. The fact here is that, while of course she is inspired by fashion in general and certain designers in specific, most of what she wears is designed by her in collaboration with the now famous Haus of Gaga. This is an innovative group which is managed personally by the Lady herself, whose jobs include fashion design, the choregraphy of Gaga’s shows and providing inspiration to Gaga even as she inspires them to continue what they do so undeniably well. I wanted to tell you that there is no substance to her lyrics and that she is just another uninspired pretty face on the pop music scene, but here yet AGAIN my bias had to suffer tragically. Allow me to explain…

Many of you know, through postings on my YouTube Channel that I am a strong, passionate advocate for the LGBT community. This position has been mine since first learning about the struggle faced by homosexuals, bisexuals and transfolk in the late ‘90s. In 2004 I worked with my local LGBT community, registering them to vote and ensuring that their voices were heard in the North Carolina political scene (not a particularly easy job here in the south as you might imagine). Since then, I have done and will continue to do everything I can to promote equal rights for members of the LGBT community in all media. “Well Modias, what the hell does this have to do with Lady Gaga?” I’m glad you asked. As I write this post, I am listening to a remixed version of her song "Poker Face", a song she recently explained was written about being in bed with a man while fantasizing about being with a woman. Then on Ellen, some time after Gaga explained that she is bisexual, she embraced Ms. DeGeneres and thanked her for being such a passionate and well-recognized voice for the gay community. You see Lady Gaga, or “Gaga” as her friends and family call her, is fearlessly herself. That may only make sense to me, so I’ll try to explain it better… But you’ll have to come back to my blog tomorrow to see how! Comment below, please!

Courtesy of Modias

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