Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bad Advice

We've all gotten some but finally we can get some to laugh at:

It is worth checking out the kinky giggles.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Domme v. Harper?

"Dragging their heels on reform." I hope they're 6-inch stilettos.....

Fight like a man': Dominatrix to Harper

Updated: Thu. Dec. 2 2010 8:52 PM ET
Dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford, one of the three sex-trade workers whose court challenge struck down three key prostitution laws, said Prime Minister Stephen Harper needs to stop hiding behind the courts and "fight like a man."
"He can withdraw this appeal at any moment and change the law through Parliament," she said.
"His silence means that he does not know what to do, and is not concerned about, the violence against women."
Bedford made the comments after the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled Ontario's prostitution laws will remain in effect while government lawyers mount an appeal to a landmark ruling that essentially decriminalized prostitution.
Harper initially responded with a laugh to the challenge.
"I've never been called upon to respond to a dominatrix before," he deadpanned.
But he responded seriously, saying the government would continue to fight the appeal.
"We believe that the prostitution trade is bad for society," Harper said. "That's a strong view held by our government, and I think by most Canadians."
The decision
The appeal court was considering whether to strike down a decision from September, when an Ontario Superior Court judge struck down laws against keeping a common bawdy house, communicating for the purposes of prostitution and living on the avails of prostitution.
The September decision was subject to a temporary stay, meaning the laws remained on the books.
With Thursday's ruling that stay is extended until April 29, putting pressure on the government to expedite the appeal process.
Lawyer Alan Young, who represents the group of sex-trade workers led by Bedford, said the judge told the court he was concerned that a "regulatory void" would exist if the current laws were struck down.
Young maintains the current laws jeopardize the safety of sex workers and should be taken off the books as soon as possible.
"My position has always been that the security of a vulnerable population must be protected at any cost and that we don't need to maintain a law which isn't enforced on a frequent basis."
Prostitution is not illegal in Canada, but nearly everything associated with it is.
Justice Minister Rob Nicholson responded to the decision Thursday, saying he was pleased with the ruling.
"It is the position of the Government of Canada that these provisions are constitutionally sound," Nicholson said in a release.
"The provisions denounce and deter the most harmful and public aspects of prostitution. They also ensure that the police have the tools necessary to continue to address the significant harms that flow from prostitution, both to communities and to the prostitutes themselves, along with other vulnerable persons."

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Once Again, BDSM is mainstreaming in fashion...

Good, or Bad? You decide....

From "The Telegraph" in FCUKLand:

Bondage-look lingerie has Christmas all tied up
Bondage-look lingerie is staging a comeback as a dominant Christmas shopping trend.


Black bra, £82, and coordinating briefs, £52, Nichole de Carle at
Bondage-style underwear is emerging as this Christmas's dominant trend when it comes to lingerie, as shoppers cast aside their inhibitions in the quest for high-priced exotica for the bedroom.
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Inspired by the raunchy on-stage looks of stars such as Rihanna, Cheryl Cole and Lady Gaga, girls are prepared to pay hundreds of pounds for flimsy bras, knickers and playsuits, embellished with suggestive fetish-look straps and braces.
The UK lingerie market is worth £2.59 billion, with women investing more than ever on luxury labels, but this season, Selfridges reports the average lingerie spend is up by 20 per cent on the more risqué and daring brands, including Agent Provocateur and Myla.
In pictures: Bondage-style lingerie
The store has recently taken delivery of the latest collection by the young British designer, Nichole de Carle, and her luxury, bondage-inspired bras, knickers and playsuits are already a sell out in stores nationwide and online.
De Carle, a graduate of De Montfort University in Leicester - regarded as the best underwear and corsetry college in Europe - launched her career in 2001 after completing the 'Contour' course with first class honours. She worked with Alexander McQueen in London, Donna Karan in New York, and Pleasure State in Australia before establishing her own brand.
This season, her 'Dream Catcher', a stretch-silk bondage-bra, costing £220, with co-ordinated briefs featuring play-braces, at £85, is one of the collection's hottest items, together with a white body-suit, called 'Last Testament', vaguely reminiscent of Madonna's famous 'rocket cone bra', at £225. Other undercover-exotica from the young Brit includes a black stretch-silk playsuit, styled as a camisole attached to suspender-style knickers, at £225, and a more simplified, strappy black bra for £82, with coordinating briefs, £55.
Equally provocative is the latest collection by the Dutch designer Marlies Dekkers, a favourite with Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Nicole Sherzinger, and The Pussycat Dolls. Her designs are sold in London at the chic Apartment 'C' lingerie boutique on Marylebone High Street. The Christmas collection, called 'Dark Theme', includes gothic-inspired bra-and-knickers sets with names like "Beautiful Bat". Prices start from £46 for briefs, up to £100 for bras.
The cost of such designs almost seems a bargain, however, compared to the most expensive bondage-style lingerie in the world, designed by Frenchwoman Maxine Wattam, which arrives at Selfridges next week. Wattam's collection, called 'Kinbaku' (meaning bondage in Japanese), is a criss-cross tracery of strategically-placed fine silken straps, embellished with yellow-gold or rose-gold and jewels, and costing between £1,000 and £3,000. Maxine Wattam will be making a personal appearance at Selfridges' London flagship on December 11th to demonstrate the intricate art behind her bondage-inspired looks.
Helen Attwood, Selfridges' head lingerie buyer, said: "This winter S&M has gone couture. Gone are the days of bondage lingerie looking more back-street than Bond Street. To keep up with demand for lingerie with serious edge, we're about to launch our most expensive erotica yet. Sales of the sexiest designs of lingerie are already up 50 per cent and we predict that this Christmas won't be white. It'll be black silk with a leather trim."
Meanwhile, at the nation's favourite bra and knickers store, Marks & Spencer, a spokesperson said the chain did not really have "anything that's entirely bondage-esque, that's not our customer", but noted that M&S's 'Shapewear' collection did have nods to the trend, with mock-suspender tights, at £9.50, a zip-up slip at £25, and a suspender slip, at £35.