Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Lambert and the AMA Furor

All right, how about that? Here's a gay guy doing a cool song at the American Music Awards, utilizing tons of S/m style props, and kissing the male keyboardist. Awesome. It's not like Madonna, et al having been doing this for the past 20 years. So what the fuck is the problem people? Dick Clark Productions, Inc. has pulled the YouTube video due to a copyright claim and states that it is unsuitable for TV.

Watch it quick before they pull this copy of it too!

The thing that burnt my ass worse than hot wax improperly applied to the posterior is that female performers have indeed been doing equally hot and sexy performances for years, usually with way fewer articles of clothing on their bodies than Adam. The fucking double standard that women can be raunchy, sexy, strip and kiss another woman is quite acceptable but a man - OH NO, not good at all. Unacceptable, touchy, too sexy, tastelss.

What ever happened to equality? I believe that men should fight for their right to be objectified equally as much as women. Get out there fellas and start protesting because North American media is trying to shove your sexuality back in the closet.


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