Monday, October 12, 2009

Back up a sec, to that picture of the Clunkies feet, X1....

Ever notice that nearly EVERY Quentin Tarantino movie references foot fetishism? Well, I did....(blush multiple shades of red)

Kill Bill
Jackie Brown
Death Proof
From Dusk Till Dawn
Pulp Fiction (BLATANTLY obvious...Uma Thurman's)
Inglorious Basterds

Well, Uma noticed too....

"Hollywood beauty UMA THURMAN is convinced maverick film-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO has a foot fetish because he is more interested in shooting his female stars' feet than wrapping up scenes.

The 35-year-old first spotted Tarantino's penchant for feet when they shot PULP FICTION in 1994 - and when he based an entire scene around her toes in 2003's KILL BILL: VOL. 1 she was amazed he still denied having a foot fetish.

She says, "Well, it started in Pulp Fiction with that foot massage speech. He denies his foot fetish, but he's accused of it regularly. I don't think it's me in particular.

"Many people commented during Kill Bill that he could release a whole version entirely on the foot-shots that he took of all the actors, shoed, un-shoed."

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