Thursday, October 29, 2009


Let's look at a case study, X1. Anonymous, an internet-based protest movement, has taken on the monolithic Scientology church/cult/corporation...and generated so much attention on the organization that it has lashed out with brute force to shut down free speech IRL and on the net. The tools? Mockery. Satire. Humour. Riff on pop culture till it bleeds. Plus some exceptionally well-produced video messages using an altered voice and wallpaper background video. Creepy....and effective. Videos essentially explaining how information operations work followed. Verrry impressive, but not as impressive as thousands of people showing up worldwide IRL to protest at Scientology sites wearing Guy Fawkes masks a la "V for Vendetta." Not to mention the leakage and display of internal Scientology memoranda explaining how they're going to fuck with the protesters for the rest of their LIVES. Anonymous is a social movement-an extremely focused and small one, but a portent. Here we have a loose network of people bound by a common cause, taking on what amounts to a corporation that skirts if not flouts the law....and generating significant, credible bad press.

See for MOAR! (MUCH MOAR!)

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