Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why don't Asshats pick on people fairly!?

Dad sues ‘Thank God for Dead Soldiers’ church


""Some nights Albert Snyder wakes up at 3 a.m. Other nights he doesn't sleep at all, tormented by thoughts of the hateful signs carried by a fundamentalist church outside his Marine son's funeral.

"Thank God for Dead Soldiers."

"You're Going to Hell."

"Semper Fi Fags."

Hundreds of grieving families have been targeted by the Westboro Baptist Church, which believes military deaths are the work of a wrathful God who punishes the United States for tolerating homosexuality.""

OK - Z1 here - I am going to start picking on the Westboro Baptist f%ck@rs, as they need a dose of thier own treatment. You know - people like this, give religion a bad name - I am going to tell you - I do have experience in a Bap church setting. They are narrow minded to the point that the only ones protected or celibrated - are the pediphiles! More women and young men, that I talk to - that have had anything to do with Fundamental churches - the more THEY tell me how f&ck@d they are, by old f&ck*rs chasing them around the Sunday park, getting molested by the f#ck!n preacher - his Pedi Deacons, or the entire group of church elders.

Westboro - you will burn in hell - right beside the rest of the Hateful Bas^rds that spew your hate.

BTW - I may not be a Marine - but I will ask - if they need another Biker - to ride protection mode for the families. No one needs to see this kind of thing, when they are burying thier dead and our special people. I respect what each person brings to the table, when they ask to join the effort to protect ME and YOU, but putting thier life on the line. The LEAST that YOU can do is respect them, in death. They do this, so I do not have to go do it myself.

$#%% A$$ Hats - Z1

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