Friday, April 9, 2010

A Weapon from the Soviet Past Seeks to Destroy Us

Mr. Trololo!

Singing...if it can be called that... "I Am Very Glad Because I am Finally Returning Home."

"Until recently, Eduard Khil hardly ever ventured onto the Internet. Now the 75-year-old spends much of his time sifting through the avalanche of fan mail flooding his e-mail inbox.

From Radio Free Europe:

Khil, a Brezhnev-era Russian crooner whose name had long since entered the pantheon of Soviet pop-star oblivion, is enjoying newfound fame, sparked when one of his old music clips went viral after being posted by an anonymous admirer on the video-sharing site YouTube. The 1976 clip features Khil, resplendent in a brown double-breasted jacket and heavily pomaded hair, grinning wildly as he lip-synchs -- often badly -- and strolls along a mustard-yellow background lined with metal gates.

But what makes the clip more of an oddity than the typical '70s video is the fact that, despite bearing the complicated title "I Am Very Happy Because I Am Finally Coming Home," the song has no lyrics. Instead, Khil hums, laughs, and belts out the melody in a long stream of la la la's -- a performance that has earned him the nickname "Mr. Trololo."

Oh yeah-this has gone viral and MAY become a new Rickroll. Armageddon I tells Yah!

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