Monday, February 22, 2010

A Just Because Round-up

The politics, fashion and foibles of the 2010 Olympic Games... Once snowboarding was done last week that was it for my interest.

I always thought that police, ambulance, and fire had the right to drive any damn speed needed to save a life but apparently not in the dumb-ass province of Canada where an ambulance driver that wanted to go faster than the 120kph speed limit policy for ambulance operations was denied 3 times his request to exceed the 120kph. Another health care success, the patient died... tragic and real.

Elephants growl at low frequencies and we can't hear them, at least at the San Diego Zoo.

As often as we comment about needing time away from the family or work, we think that a weekend away can be a good answer, so here is one for the under 40 male... become a Franciscan for a weekend; apparently the nuns are going to get in on it too.

Free tuition - try UoP... all you need is a net connection and to live somewhere on planet earth, but they can't give you an accredited degree... yet.

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