Tuesday, January 5, 2010

X-Ray Vision

Gotta love the politics of Public Security vs Personal Privacy and legislation designed both to protect and preserve.

The whole debate makes me wonder if I would prefer a good full body pat-down by a creepy looking security person as compared to some other unknown creepy security person, who looks nothing like Clark Kent, perusing a pic of my now digitally naked body via electronic X-ray vision. All of it now digitally captured with the potential to save and destroy despite the assurances by US authorities that the images will be deleted immediately.

Guess we get to welcome the scanners to Canada which was inevitable and only a question of time. The time is here.

The next question that will arise is age exemption as it has in Britain because the scanner use brings the laws that counter the creation of child pornography into play. In Britain it seems that the time is here to hid the "shit" on the children, thus creating a whole new generation of extremely young martyrs for the cause.

It will be interesting to watch how our politicos reconcile our privacy with our safety and still prevent airport created porn from appearing on the web.

Happy flying!

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