Sunday, January 31, 2010

Screwing With the Establishment

Think about this, if we can have these kinds of -"hacked Communication issues" what could a really twisted Gov , be able to do, with the intent of screwing with public policy and world opinion. Remember War of the Worlds, and what panic it created, and it was just a radio program, one of Orson's best. I heard it first at 13. If you suspend some things like it was coming from radio and was the way that most people got thier info, at the time. You can really get into the fact that this was real. And considering the FACT that this did create mass panic, is it any wonder why NOW - I look at some of the current things and poke fun at the present day issues.

So - suspend belief for a little bit. OH - BTW - Gov does have radio directional meters to trace radio signals down to the square meter. So unless you are a mobile bandit, you could get nailed in short order-- playing this kind of prank!

Cheers - Z1

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