Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm Outraged Too...

... but for entirely different reasons.

Art gallery hosts underground sex club

To quote: An art gallery in Austria has opened a nightly swingers club as part of a two-month project aimed at provoking debate about scandal in art.

The club, housed in the cellar of The Secession art gallery in central Vienna, offers visitors the chance to act out their sexual fantasies in leather and latex and includes a dance floor, body painting and a sado-masochism chamber.

Vienna Mayor Michael Haeupl said he did not approve of the club, but noted that outraged politicians and newspapers were playing into the artist's hands.

I am outraged because:

- it's not happening here, but way over there, so there's a level of mild disappointment.

- swinging does not equal BDSM

- not all swingers are kinky

- not all kinksters swing

- not all kinks are Sadomasochism.

- BDSM does not always equal sex, where swinging almost always has that as a serious component of its raison d'etre

Another reason to hate reporters...

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